To continue developing your pipeline, please promote our Vault Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) webinar “The Only Constant is Change, PLM Can Manage it”, taking place on January 7, 2021 at 2 PM GMT - UK (3 PM CET).

During this webinar, Autodesk experts Brian Schanen and Lee Dodds will show you can take control of change and improve the quality of your products, with such capabilities as:

  • Closed-loop, linked quality processes from non-conformance to returns to ECRs and ECOs.
  • Configurable workflows to track and record changes to product designs as they happen.
  • Built-in reporting to analyze trends in quality metrics to prevent failures before they occur.

Please use this webinar for prospecting or opportunity development. To drive attendance, you can promote the webinar via email, in eNewsletters, through your websites and social media, and your email signature.

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